Why do we snore, and why do some people snore so very loudly? Virtually everyone makes a soft snoring sound on occasion, It’s certainly not unusual.
But some people snore very loudly. In fact, the amount of noise can be almost unbelievable. It can be terribly disruptive and even harmful.

From en evolutionary standpoint, it would seem to make no sense. If cavemen snored loudly in the night, you would think that noise could attract predators, or that their companions would have forced them into a separate, sound-proof part of the cave.

In fact, there are good reasons to believe that the serve and every loud incidence of snoring often encountered by people today is a relatively new phenomenon.

A statistical survey of expressions related to snoring in old and ancient literature revealed only occasional references to snoring, but the vast majority were descriptions of restful sleep, with little reference to the type of loud, dangerous and disruptive snoring so common today. Descriptions of that variety of snoring become common only after the mid 20th century.

Why? Because in the vast majority of cases, the reason people snore is the result of an unfortunate combination of too much weight and too little activity. And it is only within the last century that large numbers of people have come to experience the relative luxury of an abundance of food combined with virtually no need for exercise.

In general, and perhaps especially because modern humans tend to use these muscles much less than previous generations, the “normal” condition of these throat muscles in most people is significantly weaker and in much poorer condition than the throat muscles of our ancestors.

Before Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, a long distance call” was only as far as the voice could carry. Amazingly, it has been shown that under optimal conditions, a voice can be heard more than ten miles away. (This will come as no surprise to the weary partner of anyone who snores loudly.) People use their voices in ways that are vastly different when compared to a few generations ago.

This is just one example of how technology continues to change the way we interact with the world. Much more significant to this discussion is how little strenuous activity we do today. Specifically, how frequently do we work ourselves until we are moaning and groaning under the strain, or out of breath from exertion? Our bodies evolved in an environment where such activities were a common, normal part of everyday life.

When it comes to snoring, it’s the moaning and groaning of exertion that is of most interest. In this context, is it any wonder our windpipes (which include some of the smallest and most finely tuned musculatures in our bodies) should suffer disproportionately when almost all of the normal activities for which they evolved have been eliminated?

Luckily for us, because these particular muscles are completely essential to our lives, they respond very quickly to any form of exercise. The exercises described in this website have been purposefully designed to take full advantage of this fact, and to provide the maximum benefit. MANY students report that the exercises not only eliminate snoring, but that they actually feel good to do! It’s as if the muscles are saying: “At last, this is what I was made to do!”

Another significant reason that these exercises are able to provide complete relief in such a short time is because it doesn’t take very much improvement to make a significant difference. This is because we are talking about very fine tolerances. At its widest, the human trachea is only about 25 millimeters in diameter; about an inch.

Because it’s such a small area, almost ANY extra fat or lack of muscle tone is problematic, and the amount of actual tissue involved in snoring is surprisingly small. A reduction of fat or a return to muscle firmness that improves the clearance within your windpipe by only the length of this dash — is a HUGE improvement in this context. Most normal, otherwise healthy people can readily accomplish this within 5 days.

THE Bottom line is that our bodies evolved in a world without all of the convenience and comforts that we enjoy today. As a result, it sometimes behaves in ways that seem to work against us. Since people have snored badly for generations, many just assume that it’s normal. In this case, we actually lack the Perspective to understand what our body is trying to tell us.

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