The Secret Tips and Tricks

The Secret Tips and Tricks

The Secret Tips and Tricks

Sometime a while ago a few people sat around a table; all of them decent people from wealthy families. No one would have known that this meeting would be the first of many which would have a significant impact on the lives of over half of the western population. There is little doubt that money was the main driving factor.

You probably believe that you need to buy some kind of expensive commercial product to stop snoring. If so is the case, those men sitting around that table succeeded with their plan. So let me be honest with you. Do all of those fancy products work? Yes, most of them do if the product matches your cause of snoring. However, there are easier methods that have greater effects and are literally free of charge.

These are the once buried “secret” stop snoring methods. Nearly all who apply them either are totally relived of their snoring, or their snoring improves so much that it is no longer such an issue. It is really incredible to see how well they work, because they are so ridiculous simple.

I present to you the simplest and yet most effective ways to stop snoring, and I’ll even explain why they work, for you to easier get a clue about whether that specific method is going to work for you or not. Enjoy 🙂

Sleep on your side

Who will this help for? Just about everyone.

You have probably seen someone giving first aid to a person that is hurt. Why do you think that the victim is nearly always is put on the side? It is to improve the victims breathing and avoid strangulation.

You have probably heard that sleeping on your side instead of your back improves your snoring. What often happens when you sleep on your back is that your tongue in much more likely to fall down in your throat, making you snoring. I can’t really describe how effective this technique is.

However, you have maybe ignored it after realizing that it is nearly impossible to sleep on your side all night. And that is maybe also why you have woken up the morning after with your partner yet again complaining about your snoring.

This is probably the oldest homemade snoring device in the world. It is very simple, yet it works perfectly. All you need is a tennis ball, a sock, a needle, some thread and an old t-shirt or any piece of upper body clothing you wear when you sleep.

Put the tennis ball in the sock, and then sew it to your nightwear. Make sure that the tennis ball is located towards the middle in the lower part of your back. Why is this? Because it is the location where you will get most pain while lying on it.

So how does this work? Your goal is to avoid sleeping on your back. If you wear this “device”, and your try to sleep on your back, you will notice that it is a rather unpleasant experience. When you are asleep, and you try to turn to your back, the body will send a signal to the brain that this sleeping position is unpleasant, and you will go back to sleeping on your side again.

Special sleeping-on-your-back position

If you don’t like wearing this “device” when you sleep, there are techniques you can use to be able to sleep on your back, but without snoring.
Very expensive beds often have a function that can form the bed in a certain position that elevates your head and your knees, slightly bending your back in an oval curve. For the average Joe, there’s a much simpler solution.

Put a few pillows under your head, elevating your head so much that your chin can nearly touch your chest. You might need an extra pillow to support the upper part of your back. Now place a few pillows under your knees. Remember that the whole idea about this position is to bend your back slightly, to make your spine relax and expand your air passageways.

Improve the air

Who will this help for?
For people with tough tissue and/or dry throat. May also improve open-mouth snoring.

Both inhaling steam before sleep as well as sleeping in a room with some kind of humidifier turned on can in some cases improve snoring. This works in a very similar way as snoring sprays, without all the side-effects. The effects of this tips is reduced congestion and a moisturized throat. However, this tip is rarely very effective, but might be of some help.

Harder pillows

Who will this help for?
For most people, but especially for those with weak throat muscles.

However much you might enjoy sleeping with soft and fluffy pillows, it is very likely to worsen your snoring. Soft pillows encourage your throat muscles to relax, which makes your air passageways narrower.

A regular, hard and firm pillow is often enough. There are so-called “snoring pillows” available, but usually they are more expensive, and are not more efficient than a regular, hard and firm pillow.

Elevate your head

Who will this help for? For most people.

Sleeping with your head too low compared to the rest of your body can often make it harder to breathe. One of the reasons for this is that having your head lower than the rest of the body, will increase the amount of blood in your head.

This expands the blood vessels, and makes the air passageways narrower.
You can either use multiple pillows, or one thick pillow. Remember to not use too soft pillows. Also note that sleeping with your head too high, might cause neck issues.

Sleep routine

Who will this help for?
For most people.

Following a regular sleep routine have several benefits. One of them is that it might cause you to snore less.

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