The Real Dangers of Snoring

The Real Dangers of Snoring

The Real Dangers of Snoring

It almost always has to do with social stigma, at least in part. In every group or family there is at least one member who is infamous for being a snorer.

That person is usually male, and typically fathers, husbands, and boyfriends whose lifelong ridicule is the subject of nightly routines. Many men find this reputation embarrassing and can become defensive about the subject, finding it uncomfortable to discuss in public what is considered to be a particularly unattractive habit.

A common assumption is that snoring is the pastime of men, and whilst they account for the majority of snorers worldwide, a whopping 20% of adult women are also severe snorers. The stigma attached is in general far worse for women. Snoring can therefore be an incredibly sensitive topic and in many social situations is out of bounds when it comes to poking fun.

it is easy to understand why the problem of snoring is regarded as unattractive and disruptive when one considers the loudness of a snore that the average adult produces.

The level of noise generated by snoring lies on the range of 60 to 100 decibels.

Even at the lower end of the scale, the average volume can be compared to the loudness of a household vacuum cleaner. The more extreme cases approach the volume you would expect from a chainsaw or even a motorbike.

Little wonder then that humiliation and shame are the most common theme in answering “what is wrong with snoring?” Equally a number of books on snoring cite this as the sole reason for taking action, with numerous references to snoring causing the breakdown of marriages and preventing relationships from starting altogether.

Again this is understandable but it ignores a greater concern. Part of the purpose of this website is to shed light on the much underpublicized and far more alarming danger that 60% of the population face as they drift off to sleep.

Even mild snoring presents the real dangers of a prolonged nocturnal breathing disorder which has significant effects on many aspects of the healthy body and mind. This is well understood by the medical community, but advice and treatment tend to focus on purely medical aspects.

Whilst surgery and ventilation aids have a real place in the treatment of snoring, they are an extreme step, especially when simple but effective measures have often not been tried.

This website aims to simplify the treatment of a common and often debilitating medical problem. We follow a simple model:
•Create awareness
•Embed “how this applies to me”
•Give the steps needed to act and help resolve the problem

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