Snoring Exercises: Tongue Exercises

Snoring Exercises: Tongue Exercises

Snoring Exercises

With most cases of snoring, these exercises tend to have a very positive effect. However, if you snore with your mouth closed, you might experience that they are not as effective as with other forms of snoring. There are several types of exercises that work. Most of these are based on vocal exercises that singers use, as well as exercises used by people who for instance have had an accident or illness and wants to talk properly again.

Just as with regular exercises, you shouldn’t start too hard. It is not pleasant to do so, and you might even injure yourself in extreme cases, so please start carefully. You should rather increase the exercising over time.

The different types of exercises have different efficiency based on the cause(s) of your snoring problem. This is why you should focus on the exercises that give you the greatest results. You might also want to go for combinations of all the different types of exercises to be sure to get quick results.

Tongue Exercises

The following exercises are effective for tongue-based snorers. They will both strengthen and loosen up your tongue. This will prevent it from blocking your throat while sleeping.

2. Tongue Tip Up

Point the tip of your tongue against your upper front teeth. Then open your mouth as wide as you can, while still maintaining contact between your tongue and upper front teeth. Hold for 3 to 5 seconds.
Repeat 5 times.

3. Tongue Loops

Place the tip of your tongue on the outside of your upper corner teeth. Then move your tongue to the other side of the mouth while keeping the tip of your tongue touching the outside of your teeth at all times (just as if you were cleaning your teeth with your tongue).

Repeat this with your lower teeth. Let your tongue move in a circular motion (for instance if you start in the upper left, then you go to the upper right, then lower right, then lower left, etc.).

After one minute, change direction and go the other way for one more minute.
You should now start feeling the tension in your tongue. This is normal, and you may continue with the exercise, since you cannot overdo it.

4. Tongue Push Forward

Stick your tongue out as far as you can, and put something flat against your tongue (make sure the object is clean). Then push against your tongue with the flat object and at the same time push against the flat object with your tongue. Now hold for 1 to 2 seconds.
Repeat 5 times.

5. Tongue Push Up

Push down on your tongue with a flat object (make sure the object is clean) and push up with your tongue at the same time. Hold 1 second.
Repeat 5 times.

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