Jaw & Throat Exercises

Jaw & Throat Exercises

Jaw Exercises

These exercises are most effective for open-mouth snorers. These exercises are meant to strengthen and loosen up the muscles located around the jaw. This will keep it in a position so that it doesn’t cause you to snore.

1. The Jaw Opener

First open your jaw as wide as you can, but without stretching. Make sure that your molars are not touching. Then put your molars together again.
Repeat 10-20 times. Do not overdo this, so don’t do it more than twice a day.

3. Chew it!

This exercise is simple. Pretend like you are chewing for about a minute. Your mouth should be closed and your molars should be move apart.
Do not overdo this exercise. Start with about 5 seconds, and increase the time with a rate that you are comfortable with.
If you also want to combine this exercise to also train your throat, then you can make an “mmmm”-sound when you chew.

Throat Exercises

These exercises are designed to open up and strengthen the throat. This will allow more air to flow through, reducing the risk of snoring. Also, these exercises will burn fat around your throat, which can especially be a problem for men.

1. Yawning Exercise

Singers do this exercise all the time, and that is not without reason. When you are going to sing, you need to open your throat to be able to sing well. As for snorers, opening the throat very often means eliminating the snoring problem.

This exercise will take some time to master, and if you know anyone who sings, you might want to bring that person over to help you get it right. Nevertheless, it is a really powerful exercise that often is more efficient than all the other exercises listed here combined, so it’s worth some tries.
Start by pretending that you are about to yawn while inhaling, filling your lungs completely with air. It might help to imagine that you have a tennis ball or something similar in the back of your throat.

Start with your lips closed, and as you inhale, let your jaw drop, but do not force it open. Let it rather be a natural result of the “about to yawn”-inhaling. But do not open your mouth so much that you are actually yawning, because then you are narrowing your throat instead of opening it, which is probably not what you want from this exercise.

Repeat this exercise about 10 times, and a few times every day. A good idea can be to do this exercise right before going to sleep, since it has the best effect right after doing the exercise.

2. Say “ahh”

This exercise is very simple. Hold the sound as long as you can, but stop when you can no longer keep a clean and medium high pitched tone.
Repeat five times. You shouldn’t do this exercise more than twice a day, because you may get a sore throat if you overdo it.

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