Identifying Where Your Problem Is Located

Identifying Where Your Problem Is Located

Identifying Where Your Problem Is Located

In this article we will explore all the major and not so common reasons for snoring. For all the reasons, solutions will be suggested.


It is no secret that smoking can cause major damage to your lungs and airways. But why does it make you snore? In the tobacco smoke there are chemicals that can irritate the linings of the airways. This again causes them to inflame, narrowing them. If you remember the reason for the snoring sound, you will know that narrower airways equals more snoring.

Suggested solutions: Stop smoking.


There is one liquid that can even make non-habitual people snore, and that is alcohol. Alcohol slows down the brain’s response mechanism and relaxes the muscles of the body even more. Because muscles located around your airway is used to keep your airway open, more relaxed muscles in those areas will make your airway narrower. Narrower airway means more snoring.

Suggested solutions: Reduce alcohol intake.


Obesity is a big problem in today’s society. It is the main cause of several serious diseases, and scientists have claimed the effect of obesity on lifespan is so great that even a major medical breakthrough wouldn’t prevent the life-expectancy from stopping. But let’s not forget all the side effects.

Snoring is far more common for people that are considered overweight. And this is relatively easy to explain. As you gain weight, your body will gain more fat. Some of that fat deposits itself around your neck. This increase the pressure on the airways, making it harder to breathe, which again worsen the snoring.

As a sidenote, it can be mentioned that one of the main reasons why men snore more than women is related to obesity. Men tend to gain more fat in the areas around the neck compared to women with the same weight increase.

Seasonable allergies

Just in the US alone, allergies affect more than 50 million people. $4.5 billion is every year spent on allergy treatments, and estimates suggest that several billion dollars are lost due to decreased work productivity as a result of the allergies. People can be allergic to literally anything. Feather pillows, pet hairs, deodorants are just a few examples. The big question is why it can make you snore.

If you have an allergy that affects your airways, then it can make the lining of your nose and the throat to swell. Your nose might also be blocked or become runny. All this makes it harder to breathe, which increases the likeliness of snoring.

Suggested solutions: Allergy treatments.

Throat Muscles

If your throat muscles are too weak or they are much tensed, your throat will be narrower than normal. This will make it easily close, something that will cause irregular breathing, which results in snoring. In many cases, it can be so bad that it cause sleep apnea.

Weak tongue muscles (Tongue-based snoring)

This is the characteristic for a special type of snoring; tongue-based snoring.
What this mean is that your tongue is obstructing your breathing. What normally happens is that the tongue falls back, partly blocking for your breathing.

Diagnosis: To identify if you have this problem, you can try to gently bite your tongue and breathe through your nose. Then while doing so, try to recreate the snoring sound. If you can’t, it is likely that you have a tongue based obstruction.

Suggested solutions: Snoring exercises, mandibular advancement device. Weak Jaw muscles (Open-mouth snoring)

If you snore with your mouth open, while you don’t while it’s closed, then you have just found the cause of your snoring. This phenomena is known as open-mouth snoring. What normally happens is that as you fall asleep, your jaw will drop down, and your mouth will open. This will make you breathe through your mouth instead of your nose.

Please note that elderly people normally have weaker jaw muscles. That is the main reason why age has such a big effect on snoring.

Suggested solutions: Snoring exercises, chin-up strips.


There are two types of stress. The good type s the type of stress you for instance get from jumping out from an airplane. The other type of stress is the negative stress. It has so many negative effects on the body, that you might find relief from several problems you have by greatly reducing it.
Stress also affects snoring. If you are stressed, your muscles are tensed, pushing on your air passageways, making them narrower. By reducing your stres you will relieve the pressure, improving your breathing.

Too big or too weak soft palette

Your soft palette is located at the back of your mouth, where all the air flows through. If it’s too big or to weak, the air will make it vibrate, causing a very annoying snoring sound.

The problem is more often that it is too weak than it’s too big. Some doctors might want suggest a surgery when your snoring problem is related to your soft palette. Well, I can tell you that you in most cases can avoid surgery by using the suggested solution below.


Some people were “born to snore”. What I mean about that is that some people have genes that make them more prone to become a snorer. We usually talk about having a narrow throat, enlarged tonsils or/and uvula. Even though there are no other way other than surgery to directly cure your snoring if this is the cause, your problem may have several causes. This means that you should try to eliminate the other causes first.

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