Health, Fitness and Vanity Goals

Health, Fitness and Vanity Goals ” Snoring “

Health, Fitness and Vanity Goals

We have entered an age where a person’s key motivations in life are determined by the effect they have on our health, fitness and appearance.

The latest anti-oxidant juice, cleanse or workout routines emerge on almost a daily basis and those in pursuit of physical and aesthetic perfection rush to adopt them as part of their everyday life.

Bad habits are something that these groups of people find easy to cut out. Whether it be alcohol, smoking, fatty foods or dairy. Abstaining from the temptation is worth the results they will see physically. However, it is interesting to see that snoring is never highlighted as one such undesirable, voluntary habit.

You would imagine that the key reason health conscious teenagers give for not smoking and drinking is because of the multitude of health risks associated with them. Interestingly however, they are far more concerned with premature ageing of the skin and teeth discolouration than they are with lung cancer and liver disease.

Whilst this is a strange way to come round to abstinence, any thought process that makes it easy to stop these voluntary habits is a good thing.

Sleep or rather “beauty sleep” is a concurrent theme in most health and beauty regimes. This is particularly encouraging as nearly all workouts and nutritional advice recommend proper restful sleep as key to maximising your results.

The rule of thumb for nutrition is that getting in proper shape involves 20% of your time in the gym and 80% of your time in the kitchen. This is a great mantra as it points to the natural ability of the body to restore and improve itself when operating at its natural peak through the nutrients you put into it.

A much under-discussed element is just how important the restful sleep part of this routine is. Moreover it’s about how you make sure you are maximising restful sleep and understanding those things which prevent you from getting it.

Based on our research we would like to see a shift in understanding so that the optimum breakdown of importance is perceived as:
•20% in the gym
•40% in the kitchen
•40% in deep restful sleep

Getting to this point will take increased awareness of sleep but more importantly about the effects of disruptive sleep caused by snoring. What follows is a brief run-through of the physical limitations and effects snoring has on your appearance.

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